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The construction activities at Baitul Masroor Mosque were launched on 25th August 2012 in an impressive and informative ceremony attended by Ahmadi and Non Ahmadi guests. Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad sahib(atba), The Fifth Successor to the Promised Messiah had graciously visited this site in 2006 situated in suburban Brisbane, Queensland. He had inaugurated a plaque in 2006 at the location and met the Jamaat members then.

The ceremony for ground breaking and launching the construction of the largest Queensland Mosque was led by Ameer Sahib Maulana Mahmood Ahmad, who arrived from Sydney. This was also attended by Councillors from local Logan City, Neighbours and a number of Ahmadis from Queensland and other parts of Australia including Majlis Amla members from Sydney.

Ahmadiyya Community in Queensland has been established in the area for nearly sixteen years now. The local Council has recently approved the construction plan for a purpose built mosque in this South Eastern region of Queensland populated with the third largest Jamaat in Australia.

The first known Ahmadi in Queensland was Respected Ali Bahadur Khan sahib, whose grave along with that of his wife, Margaret Khan is in a nearby Brisbane cemetery. Bahadur Khan sahib passed away in 1955. The first Australian convert to Ahmadiyyat was Sufi Hasan Musa Khan Sahib(RA) of Perth who accepted Ahmadiyyat in 1903 by a writing a letter to the Promised Messiah(AS). Later another gentleman, a Meteorologist Professor Clement Lindsay Wragge accepted Ahmadiyyat in early 1910s. He had the previlidge to meet the Promised Messiah in 1908 and his questions to the Promised Messiah were recorded in Malfoozaat’s last volume. He had served in Queensland Meteorology department besides serving in New Zealand and other parts of Australia.

The Baitul Masroor mosque will be the first Ahmadiyya Muslim mosque in Queensland and the third in Australia besides Baitul Huda and Melbourne Mosque.

After an inaugural flag hoisting ceremony of the Lawa-e-Ahmadiyyat and the national Australian flag, members and guests proceeded inside to the current building for a brief introduction of Jamaat. There were presentations delivered on introduction of our Jamaat, Jamaat Ahmadiyya’s mosques around the world and the role of mosques in Islam and also project details of the Baitul Masroor mosque.

At the occasion local Councillors Phil Pidgeon and Cherry Dailey of Logan City Council also spoke and prided on their relationship with Ahmadiyya Community. Members and guests were then guided outside for the foundation laying ceremony.

The first to lay a brick at the foundation was Ameer and Missionary Incharge  Maulana Mahmood Ahmad sahib, later Naib Ameer Jamaat Australia Nasir Kahlon sahib, local missionary Masood Ahmad Shahid sahib and councillors Phil Pidgeon and Cherry Dailey of Logan City Council laid the foundation stones. Many other executive members of Jamaat took part in the foundation laying under Ameer sahib’s instructions, but the key people requested to take part were widows and children of Martyrs of Ahmadiyyat, who migrated and took refuge in Brisbane. Two Waqf-e-Nau children were also given the opportunity to lay bricks.

The occasion was concluded with silent prayers. Later sweets were distributed amongst all attendees.

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