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In response to Khalifatul Masih the IVra desire for getting the message of Islam Ahmadiyyat to Canadian people, Radio Ahmadiyya was started by Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Canada Dr. Aslam Daud sahib in February 1995. The target audience were people of Indo-Pak origin; hence language of program was Urdu.

Two 1 hour slots on different weeknights were secured and broadcast could be received in the Greater Toronto Area. Latest Fri sermon was played one evening while selected portions of Huzur’s majalis Irfan were played in the other.

In 2000, Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Canada Syed Mukarram Nazeer sahib decided to make program live.  Time slots were combined to a single 2 hour slot on Sunday evening.  With the help of newly arrived Missionary Mirza Muhammad Afzal sahib, 2 programs every month were made live enabling listeners to call in with their questions.  Mirza Muhammad Afzal sahib still attends the program.

In no time the number of questions grew rapidly and it was decided to make every program live.  Ansar Raza sahib was the 2nd Jama'at scholar who started being the regular guest speaker in the program.  He has been with the program since.  

Since these two pioneers, many jama’at scholars have also appeared on Radio Ahmadiyya.  Currently these include

  • Vice Principal Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada; Hadi Ali Chaudhary sahib
  • Missionary York Region; Farhan Iqbal sahib
  • Professor Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada; Misbah Baloch sahib

The program is hosted by

  • Syed Mukarram Nazeer sahib
  • Ataul Quddoos sahib
  • Faraz Qureshi sahib

A team of dedicated volunteers work on the technical side of the program.  Currently these are

  • Ataul Qayum sahib
  • Anees Ahmad sahib
  • Nadeem Tahir sahib 

Many jama`at dignitaries have graced the Radio Programme. These include

  • Mufti Silsala Mubashar Kahloon sahib
  • Nazir Islaho Irshad Muqami Rabwah, Hafiz Muzaffer Ahmed sahib
  • Amir sahib Germany Abdullah Wagheshauser sahib
  • Naib Amir sahib USA Naseem Mahdi sahib
  • Amir sahib Canada Lal Khan Malik sahib
  • Missionary Incharge Canada Mubarik Nazir sahib
  • Renown Jama'at Lawyer Mujeebur Rahman sahib of Pakistan
  • Renown poem reciter Ismat Ullah sahib of Japan
  • Renown poem reciter Syed Mohyuddin Zubair sahib of UK

Time has seen enhancements to Radio Ahmadiyya. These include

  • Creation of website with live broadcast as well as a library of previous program recording
  • North American toll free number
  • Opening of a 2nd time slot at a different radio frequency.  
  • Larger broadcast reception area including southern and eastern part of Canadian province of Ontario
  • Broadcast reception in parts of neighbouring American states of New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

The Radio Ahmadiyya averages about 10 to 15 calls per hour and enjoys a large number of regular listeners many of whom have been with the program from the beginning.  5 bai’ts are directly identified with the Radio programme.

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