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Huzur Hadhrat Khilifat-ul Messiah the fifth, may Allah strengthen his hands, graced Jalsa Salana Canada. Not all aspects of Jalsa Salana are recorded and broadcasted on MTA. Today we present one such facet langar khana Masih Maud as. Hardhat Masih Mau'ud routinely offered food to his guests, and today this tradition continues by the volunteers of the langar khana of Hardhat Masih Mau'ud as. MTA news recently visited langar khana that was in full operation mode for Jalsa Salana Canada. langar khana is a temporary complex of 5 specialized cooking areas, where 2 meals are prepared daily for all guest to Jalsa Salana Canada. the complex also includes a supply center, comfort facilities for the workers and rows upon rows of cauldrons over fire. food preparations start well before sunrise and continue late in the day, indeed it is hard work. Maqbool Ahmed Nasir, Nazim langar khana #1 spoke to us briefly about this important institution. He mentioned, the workers are driven by the satisfaction of feeding the guests of the promised messiah. in the early hours of Friday morning we found his team was a lively bunch, despite the heat noise and the isolation from Jalsa proceedings. Onions were being chopped, potatoes being peeled, meat washed and food was being turned over and over in large cauldrons over fire. later on when the food is ready it will be shipped via trucks to Jalsa Gah. where it will be used to meet the nutrition needs of the guest of the promised messiah as they converge at the Jalsa for their spiritual needs, Syed Khurram Nazeer MTA international Jama'at news Baitul Islam mosque Toronto Canada

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