Media Friday Sermon 23rd September 2011 (Urdu)

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Many people were also influenced by Hudhur’s discourses via MTA. A mother wrote to Hudhur that her young child had his face in a cushion when he heard Hudhur speak on a matter that he felt Hudhur was addressing him on. Such is the spirit of the children of the Community that they are embarrassed and try and correct themselves. Hudhur said he was much impressed by the attention with which the Lajna and Nasirat listened to his address which was longer than the traditional time he allocates to addresses to ladies. The time of the Holy Prophet(saw) was an era of accomplishment of guidance and the current age, the age of the Messiah is a time when accomplishment of propagation of the guidance of the Prophet(saw) has to take place. Hudhur said a huge responsibility of accomplishing the propagation lays on us. The Companions and other early Muslims demonstrated great models of connection with the Divine and high morals and won the admiration of the world. Among other glad-tidings to his Ummah, the Prophet(saw) foretold about Khilafat. This glad-tiding is dependent on Khilafat being the central aspect and the progress of the Ummah is reliant on Khilafat. As ever, Hudhur reminded to self-reflect. He asked how many of us reflected over our responsibility in being associated with the Promised Messiah(as) once a day, once a week or once a month? Pondering over Quranic commandments, followed by putting them in practice, is required to bring about revolutions. The world is thus transformed into paradise and then the rest of the world too follows. In terms of financial giving, Hudhur said only yesterday a lady came and gave Hudhur a pile of gold. In spite of Hudhur asking her to keep some for herself, she said she had committed herself to give this to the Jama’at and now it was haram on her. Hudhur narrated a story relating to a sister of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih I(ra) who followed a Pir.

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