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Jamia Ahmadiyya UK has now been established for over 8 years. The Ahmadiyya University has been at the forefront of providing missionaries for the service of humanity stretching across several continents including Africa, Europe and Asia. It is in Colliers Wood in South West London where the educational institution was first set up, replacing a children’s school.

However, with the rise of Ahmadi youth who wish to pledge their lives for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community; this has lead to the expansion of the Jamia being relocated to the historic market town of Haslemere, in Surrey.

On Sunday 21st October 2012, the leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad - may Allah strengthen his hands – graced with his presence the opening ceremony of the newly located Jamia. His Holiness had a tour of the renovated site, visiting the various facilities.

The grand site encompasses 32 acres of land with beautiful countryside surroundings. The building, formerly a four star hotel, is now transformed with professional classrooms, library and fine accommodation for the missionaries-in-training.

Following the tour, His Holiness then graced a session addressing many Jamia students, as well as the National Aamila and Jamia staff members. The session began with recitation of the Holy Quran which was followed by Urdu poetry.

His Holiness then gave an inspiring address in which he explained that the Jamia students were very blessed with the new site. His Holiness continued to say that the classrooms were at an excellent standard and accommodation was provided for not only the Jamia students but also for the staff.

The underlining theme throughout the speech of the leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslims community was that Jamia students should remember these blessings and should fully understand their responsibilities wholeheartedly.

His Holiness continued to explain that it is not only the Tarbiyyat and Tabligh that Jamia students would be responsible for of current Ahmadi Muslims, but of also the new Ahmadi Muslims that are joining in their hundreds of thousands.

A strong message was given by His Holiness regarding the future responsibility of Jamia students that when they are located to their posts, they should save the world from self-destruction.

His Holiness highlighted that there should be such a difference in behaviour of a Jamia student, that even the sitting and standing up should be distinct from worldly people. This lead to the point that Jamia students should set strong examples for locals when they visit the marketplace as attention is given. His Holiness gave an example of a child who was counting the Jamia students. It should therefore be remembered that this is the amount of attention that is given to give an impression to the locals.

They should not only have religious knowledge, but should have knowledge in a variety of different fields. His Holiness continued to say that this responsibility included not only defending the name of the Messiah, but also the Holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, peace be upon him and Islam itself. His Holiness concluded with silent prayer.

Following this, there was a short photo session with Jamia students, as well as the National Aamila and Jamia staff.

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